Political Bingo: Themes from the SOTU

Inspired by democratic watch parties where predictions of Trump’s statements formed the basis for bingo cards, I decided to create my own political bingo cards.

The spaces on the cards are the product of themes and commonalities in the text of the president’s State of the Union address. The themes and commonalities are derived from a rather unscientific textual analysis. (I highlighted similar themes and kept a tally.)

Unlike the democratic watch party cards, the spaces on my bingo cards are not meant to be overly political. Some are; some are more lighthearted. I view these bingo cards as less of “Gotcha – I knew you’d say that” and as more of a checklist for things to maybe expect in the coming year.

Grab a few friends. Throw a bingo card on your fridge, and watch what policy efforts and news stories are a result of or reflect these themes.

Without further ado, View and Print Bingo Cards.

Each bingo card contains the same content. The squares are shuffled, so multiple people can play.

One thought on “Political Bingo: Themes from the SOTU

  1. rarehart says:

    Original and fun idea, Haley! A great way to watch the address and play along with friends or family (whether you support Trump or not)! If I would’ve saw this before I watched it, I might’ve made a fun drinking game along with it.


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