Caring in Ecuador

Kati stepped off the plane in Quito, Ecuador, arriving for a week long medical mission trip, unaware of who she was meeting or what city she was going to. But a bus was coming, that she knew. She found her group in the bustling airport, boarded the bus, and the medical missionaries headed to the … Continue reading Caring in Ecuador

Kati in Ecuador

Kati Frankenberg landed in the airport of Quito, Ecuador with one friend for a medical mission trip. They didn't know where they were going or who they were meeting - just that a bus would take them to their location. "Nobody has ever accused the medical mission trips of being organized," Frankenberg said. "But we … Continue reading Kati in Ecuador

Everyday sexism

A friend and I recently discussed all the subtle ways, even when we identify as feminists, we are contributing to sexism. It's quite interesting to notice how daily activities, which seem innocent enough we don't even think about them, are contributing to subtle sexism. Just a few things we mentioned... 1) Ever notice how much … Continue reading Everyday sexism

The Pulitzers

The Pulitzer Prizes recently recognized some of the top journalism in this country. The Washington Post received the 2018 award for investigative reporting. The Post relentlessly covered sexual allegations against Republican Roy More during the Alabama senate election. The reporting helped lead to the defeat of Moore by Democrat Doug Jones. The Post also unearthed … Continue reading The Pulitzers